The first thought

Lost In Time

I decided to upload my thoughts sometimes. At least, then they escape from my head for a while.

I start with this:

People tend to see themselves differently than they really are. This imagination overwrites reality and make them live according to a false truth. The realization that the imagination and this reality is different can hurt or improve people – in a better scenario.
I came up with this while I was walking up the stairs facing a guy’s ass and realizing that trousers don’t look as good on me as on him, since I have a shittier leg shape. When I bought my trousers that I was wearing while following the guy up the stairs, I thought that it would look as good on me as on his on him. It doesn’t.

So what am I doing now? Learning. Next time I will check it in the mirror how it looks from the back. And what else? That it doesn’t really matter actually…